Classic Greek Children\'s Songs on DVD - Volume 2

Classic Greek Children's Songs on DVD - Volume 2

Volume 2 of this series consists of 13 brand new classic Greek Children s songs including, E Kalee Mas Agelada, Punto punto toh dachtilidi, Etan ena meekro karavee, Etan enas gaitharos, E Yiayia mas ee kale, E Githa, Yeero Yeero olee, E Koukouvayia, Koulourakia, Perna, Perna ee Melleesa, Ta Papakia, Stou Manoli tee Taverna, Ti Hara Ti Hara.

Each DVD has been formatted so that while you watch the vibrant and colorful animation you can choose to watch Greek, English or Phonetic subtitles on the screen to help you or a loved one learn Greek!

*** Please note - no returns, refunds or exchanges on open DVDs ***

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