Barbie the Pearl Princess Greek DVD

Barbie the Pearl Princess Greek DVD

Barbie stars as Lumina, a mermaid girl who doesn't know that she's really royalty. Lumina is cheerful and creative she always leaves people and places better off than when she first meets them! Lumina and her friend Kuda, a pink sea horse with a real mane, travels to a fantastic underwater kingdom with tall coral buildings and streets lined with colorful sea shops and cafes. The town is brimming with all types of mer-people, sea horses, and even an Octopus who works at an amazing Mermaid Salon. Lumina finds herself using her amazing color change powers over pearls to decorate and customize fabulous hairstyles for all her friends and clients in the Mermaid Salon. Lumina is so excited to get a chance to attend the Royal Mermaid Ball being held at the palace. Apparently a new ruler is to be announced at the dance! Almost like a fairy godmother, the octopus owner of the salon works with Lumina's friends to adorn Lumina with a sparkling pink ball gown, and Lumina adds her own finishing touches of pearl! At the ball where she dances with a possible mer-prince, villains try to seize power of the kingdom but Lumina's own powers from within magical reveal her to be the true Mermaid Princess of the Kingdom!

This DVD has Greek audio as well as the option for Greek subtitles.

Duration 70 minutes.

***Please note that this DVD is region 2 - please ensure that your DVD player will play DVDs from region 2 - no returns, refunds or exchanges accepted on open DVDs ***

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